Cancer Picked the Wrong Diva



Parasites and their link to Cancer

Parasites and their link to Cancer Parasites, Viruses and Fungi are known to be responsible for approximately ninety (90%) percent of all illnesses, and this includes cancer which is now known to be a fungus. When a parasite is killed or is dying, it excretes one... read more

8 Preventable Habits that Can Shrink Our Brain

8 Preventable Habits that Can Shrink Our Brain When you think about it, every thought and action we have is controlled by our brain. These include sleep, digestion, memories, movement and so on.  In my book, Path to a Healthy Mind & Body, I have found preventable... read more

How do I know if I’m hypersensitive to EMF?

How do I know if I’m hypersensitive to EMF? Wireless radiation or radio frequency radiation is emitted from all wireless devices. From cell phones to Wi-Fi, computers, TV transmitters and cell phone towers. This is also known as EMF (electromagnetic fields)... read more

How GcMAF works

What is MAFActive and how does it work? GcMAF is the protein that activates macrophages and jump-starts the entire immune response. To sabotage the immune system and put the macrophages to sleep, all cancers and viruses make Nagalese, the enzyme that blocks production... read more

Selenium: Is this micronutrient the key to the cure?

Selenium: Is this micronutrient the key to the cure? It is quite puzzling why a cure for cancer is so elusive when there are so many natural and nontoxic compounds that can effectively and safely kill cancer cells while causing no side effects or harm to normal cells.... read more

An Introduction to Complementary Oncology

This week we are kicking off with Dr Adem Gunes. Prof. Dr. Adem Gunes has built one of the world’s largest databases of scientifically tested natural substances with proven effects in cancer treatments. In 2009, he was appointed as the Chief Physician of ProLife... read more

Should fruit be consumed when you have cancer?

June 2015 By Mark Simon, Director Nutritional Oncology Research Institute I trust that the information provided will help educate, empower and encourage cancer patients and their support team in making wise and informed choices in their healing journey. Due to a very... read more


Author: Jan Sky Neuro-psychotherapist, Resilience Coach,   What is Stress? Stress is pressure and pressure itself is not bad.  In fact, many thrive on it.  It is when those pressures exceed a person’s ability to cope that problems start.  Therefore we can address... read more