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Online Education

Through my own personal experience, I’ve discovered that most people after being diagnosed, are in a state of overwhelm and confusion.


They google themselves into a worse state of overwhelm and fear. Did you know that there are hundreds of millions of references to cancer online. How can you sift through all of that?

Inside this video series I’m going to share with you how I’ve navigated my own dance with cancer over the last 3 years using adjunctive and alternative therapies to kick cancer to the curb and how I’ve navigated the confusion and overwhelm after diagnosis.

I’ll also expose some of the biggest myths about this disease and I’m going to expose the biggest mistake you can make on your journey.

I’ve personally tried lots of things along the way to help myself and I have spent around $200K trying all sorts of treatments including mainstream medicine and alternative therapies. You don’t need to do this.

I will help fast track you to the therapies that may work best for you and save you buckets of money in the process.

What I have also found is that you must treat the host, not the tumours for long term survival.

So throughout the programme I’m going to share with you some of my proven, time tested strategies for healing.

I will share with you therapies that your doctor won’t even know about.

I can share information around the confusion of what to eat, what treatments are available to you and the testing that is available to you that won’t be offered to you by your oncologist or doctor to monitor your progress.

We will cover what to do when your doctor tells you that you are all clear – but are you really clear?

I can help get you out of overwhelm and start to feel in control of your healing.

If you’re struggling right now, then know, that I’ve felt exactly the same way. I’ve certainly had my share of overwhelm and confusion over the last few years.

But What I have found is this…. When you have someone that has navigated the maze and overwhelm before you, it is a much easier journey.


I’d love to help you get out of overwhelm and share my knowledge with you. Remember, just because you have been told you have cancer, it does not mean a death sentence.

Throughout this course, I will introduce you to many therapies and resources to help fast track your progress.

We will be discussing the latest therapies including SOT, IV therapies, Virotherapy, enemas, nutrition, your immune system, gut health and how it relates to disease, hyperthermia, cannabis, oxygen therapies, stress management, inflammation, EWOT, hormones just to name a few.

Don’t put it off another moment. Click the link below and get the information you need right now to fast track your way to health

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

See you on the inside.

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