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How GcMAF works

anni-diamondWhat is MAFActive and how does it work?

GcMAF is the protein that activates macrophages and jump-starts the entire immune response. To sabotage the immune system and put the macrophages to sleep, all cancers and viruses make Nagalese, the enzyme that blocks production of GcMAF. Nagalase is an enzyme that inhibits the production of GcMAF which in turn activates macrophages which is our immune systems way of dealing with nagalase – this is why GcMAF is so very important!

In the absence of GcMAF, cancers, HIV, and other viruses can grow unimpeded. Dr. Nobuto Yamamoto demonstrated that GcMAF administration bypasses the Nagalese blockage and re-activates the macrophages, which then proceed to kill the cancer cells and HIV viruses:

There are three kinds of research studies. (Actually, there are many many kinds of research studies, but for the purpose of this article, I’m making it three.)

First, there’s what I will call “black box” studies. In these, you try something out on experimental subjects and see what happens. The actual internal mechanisms driving the results are not necessarily known: “Oh, when we fed the rats mushrooms and green tea, some of their cancers went away.” Interesting and useful outcomes, but cause and effect are ignored.

Second are population studies in which (not necessarily accurate) conclusions are drawn from statistical studies involving large groups of people: “We found that 50% of people who had heart attacks had normal cholesterol levels. We therefore conclude that…” Again, underlying causative mechanisms are not part of the picture.

With both black box research and statistical studies, the importance of cause and effect are effectively dismissed: the underlying cause of an observed effect is never known. This is a fundamental flaw; we can’t trust the evidence we get from black box and statistical studies because they don’t address causality. For this reason, I pay very little attention to these first two kinds of research studies.

The third type of research is basic science, where ideas are developed and tested from the ground up. Insights gained in one study become the driving force for designing the next one. Professor Nobuto Yamamoto did—and still does—basic science research. He spent a quarter of a century examining—in minute detail—the basic molecular biology and immunology supporting his discoveries, alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (Nagalase) and glycoprotein macrophage activating factor (GcMAF). There’s no black box, no statistics, just a complex trail of experimental insights that collectively form a colossal infrastructure upon which his final conclusions are based. He didn’t try out a new, unknown and potentially toxic drug on a bunch of people; he did the basic science research and figured out—exactly, precisely, down to the submolecular level—how cancer breaks our bodies, and then he showed how to fix it using the body’s own systems as his therapeutic tool. It’s a brilliant, Herculean, masterpiece of work, and Dr. Yamamoto deserves a Nobel Prize for his efforts. He also deserves to have his ideas widely understood and taken seriously—an outcome that has not yet happened.

**From Dr. Tim Smith’s GcMAF E Book**


mafactiveGC Maf – What is it?

  • Occurs naturally in the body when gcprotein (made in the liver) encounters enzymes released from the die off of T and B cells. It is not a drug, and is found in minute quantities in all meat and dairy products
  • Enzymatically changed gcprotein becomes gcmaf, which is the molecular signal that T cells and B cells are under attack
  • GcMAF is recognised by macrophages as the signal to become phagocytic, in this state they consume approx 15 times the amount in their un-activated state
  • Once macrophages eat (phagocytise) a pathogen, the macrophage antigen-presents. This informs T cells, B cells and NK (natural killer) cells of the pathogen
  • This helps build the acquired, or learned, immunity

GcMAF – what it can help with?

  • Actin scavenger – vitamin D binding protein also binds to actins. These are long filaments that can cause blood clots and lack of actin scavenging can lead to blood clots. First aid to burns shows a much enhanced healing time.
  • Nagalase – an enzyme made by cancers and some pathogens which damages the gcprotein at the exact place where gcmaf is made, meaning that the immune system remains compromised. A nagalase test is a sensitive marker of cancer, giving a warning long before it is visible on a scan.
  • Autism – although there no known cause for autism, this group have a higher than normal level of nagalase indicating a compromised and inactive immune system.
  • CFS – as with autism, no known cause, but immune compromised.
  • Lyme disease – often caused by multiple infections, long term antibiotic use is the usual method, but a long term immune support allowing the body to build immunity is an alternative
  • Auto immune conditions – the protein is an immune system mediator and has been shown to turn off (by apoptosis) macrophages when no longer needed at the site of an infection
  • Bone health – osteoclasts, the bone equivalent of macrophages, help with the adsorption and reforming of bone. May help speed healing times in franctures, hip replacements etc and may be beneficial in osteoporosis.
  • Cancer – the protein not only activates macrophages, it has also been demonstrated to prevent the formation of blood vessels to the cancer (anti-angiogenesis), and prevent metatatic events. 100ng per week was shown to prevent the evolution of secondary cancers following allopathic treatments (this group still had evidence of disease from high nagalase levels but nothing was visible on regular tests). 4ng per kg bodyweight per day was shown to start reducing solid tumours (for an average weight female, approx 300ng per day, or three applications of frankincense cream per day)
  • Immune regulation – as well as being a mediator of macrophages, a paper exploring the endocannabinoid system and gcmaf showed that it down regulated overactive macrophages.
  • Nitric oxide production – GcMAF activated macrophages produce large quantities of nitric oxide, improving blood flow and further supporting immunity. Regulates healthy blood pressure
  • Stroke and brain injury repair – Activation of M2 macrophages by gcmaf a week after a stroke may be associated with brain repair.
  • Vitamin D transport – because the vitamin D transport system is being improved, the levels of vitamin D can be used up quickly, so it is worth keeping an eye on levels.
  • Almost anything -if an improved immune system can help with it, then gcmaf might improve the immune system to help with it.

Who can use it?


If the immune system was working as it should, the gcmaf would be made in the body and the immune system would be working. Do not stop or change any prescribed medication or treatment. If a healthy person can take the prescribed treatment, someone using gcmaf can. The only things to consider are if the medication is designed to suppress the immune system, it might counter the effects of gcmaf.

What diet or supplements are needed:

  • Vitamin D3 combined with K2 is often used. Because this is part of the vitamin D transport system, vitamin D levels can drop due to the fact that it makes the vitamin more available for use, so it is worth keeping an eye on levels. If there is adequate sunshine exposure, supplementation may not be necessary.
  • A diet high in healthy, organic fatty acids can be beneficial – vitamin D is a fat based molecule and the vitamin D binding protein also binds to fatty acids in order to become the active form.
  • Gcmaf works whether a aw food vegan or supersize fast food diet is followed. The main consideration is a diet suitable for the condition being treated.

Side effects:

None known, apart from some people see a healing crisis as the immune system deals with previously unresolved issues. Lyme disease gives the worst symptoms of chronic headaches, so for Lyme disease apply away from the head – lower leg or back of hand. If a headache is noted, it is possible that there is undiagnosed Lyme disease.


  • Skincare products containing gcmaf (described as vitamin D binding protein in the publicity and as glycoprotein on the ingredients).
  • MAFActive original – a deep penetrating formula based on almond oil, contains approx 25ng per application, 1500 ng per pot, approx.
  • MAFActive Radiance – a cosmetic anti aging skin cream, developed both as a nut free formula and a ‘daily preventative combined with daily skin care’, approx 25ng per application, 1500 ng per pot, approc
  • MAFActive Frankincense – the almond oil formula containing 4 times the protein concentration plus essential oils and extracts of frankincense sacra and carterii, approx 100ng per application. 6000ng per pot approx

Disclaimer: MAFActive is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, prevent or alleviate any ailment or condition. Any testimonials or anecdotes may be spontaneous recoveries or due to the placebo effect.

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