Cancer Picked the Wrong Diva

About Anni

About Anni Diamond

Anni Diamond

Best selling author and public speaker, wellness advocate and business owner, 2015 ABIA Hall of Fame recipient, board member of the International Oncology Esthetics Society

After being diagnosed with Stage III colorectal cancer in  November 2013, I have learned much along the way.

I tried chemo for a short period of time.     Personally I felt it was the wrong choice for me before I even began.   I felt like I was pressured into the treatment through fear.    I got sucked into the vortex of mainstream medicine by my doctors and the fear my family had around my survival.

After 4 rounds, enough was enough.  I was suicidal.    It was the worst thing that ever happened to me.   Then in January 2015 my oncologist told me that it had spread and  all he could offer me was palliative chemo and radiation.

I then set out to find my cure using natural therapies.    Today Im still on the journey, but I feel fabulous.   Im ahead of this disease and I’m not sick from the toxic poisons that allopathic medicine offered me.

Now I’m not saying don’t have traditional treatments, Im just saying they weren’t for me..   I have used and tried many products, some of which are here.  I have been overseas for treatment too.   I’ve had IV vitamin infusions,  hyperthermia – both full body and local, oxygen therapy ….. and so much more.

I have made many changes to my lifestyle including nutrition, exercise, good water, emf protection

Today, my prognosis is fantastic.

Some of my favourite products and services are listed here.

I am not a doctor. I am however a certified Holistic Cancer Educator.  I’m just like you but perhaps further ahead on my journey.