Cancer Picked the Wrong Diva

A collection of tried and tested cancer therapies

“I’ve known Anni for many years now, and i have to say she has always been extremely warm, honest and genuine. When I found out she was diagnosed with Cancer i strangely thought that Cancer had a big fight on it’s hands trying to tackle this little terrier!!! She researched, asked and researched more, searched and found… a collection of tried and tested cancer therapies, new and ancient. Where most people would have given up she just kept going!! If i had cancer she’s the first person i would call and i have personally taken my other beautiful cherished friends to her and it’s cleared confused minds in a maze of wasteful and often useless information.. I will continue to highly recommend her to anyone on this journey. Where we felt hopeless she pointed us down the path of hope. And we’re walking it. Thanks Anni. Keep up your amazing work of guiding, sharing and caring!! You do it brilliantly! “

– Sally Fraser, Gold Coast

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