Cancer Picked the Wrong Diva


If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you know where to start your healing journey?


It’s a scary, complicated maze to navigate. Particularly if you don’t want traditional medicine or if you want adjunctive or alternative therapies alongside your allopathic treatments. After my own diagnosis from stage III colo rectal cancer, then stage IV, I learned much along the way. I have an amazing team of reliable health professionals, services and products to share with you. Are you confused around nutrition? Should I eat fruit? Can I drink coffee? Are you afraid and confused? Do you know what therapies are available to you, outside allopathic medicine? Have you googled yourself scared? Are you sick of spending thousands of dollars on supplements just going down the toilet? Are your family or doctor recommending treatments that just don’t feel right for you? Did you know that there is a simple blood test available overseas that can tell you what will cause apoptosis (cell death) of your cancer? All you do is have your blood drawn here and we will tell you how to get it overseas for testing. This way, you can have a targeted approach to your healing. Do you need recommendations for doctors and health care practitioners? Did you know that there is a urine test that you can do to monitor your own circulating tumour cell count? Do you know where to get cbd oil if you want it? What exercises should you be doing? I have spent around $200K finding what is available, what has worked for me and what hasn’t…. and I can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and valuable time.

Welcome to Cancer Picked the Wrong Diva

A web tv series dedicated to those with cancer. Anni Diamond is a kick arse cancer thriver sharing information on adjunctive and alternate therapies.

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If you were diagnosed with cancer, would you know what to do, what questions to ask and where to go for help?Don’t miss your chance to see a stellar line up speakers. Hear stories of patients that have had great success using natural, holistic and adjunctive therapies.

This video includes all the information you need to know about IV therapies, Hyperthermia, Nutrition Cannabis, Black Salve, Sensitivity testing, The role exercise plays in disease prevention, Radiation and dirty electricity, GC Maf, Thermography, Lymphatic drainage, And so much more!

Hear from:

  • Donna Fisher – international author and Australia’s authority on EMF. How to protect yourself from your mobile phone, wifi, smart meters etc.
  • Ashtweth Palise – authority on black salve
  • Cheryl Gilbert – The benefits of lymphatic drainage
  • Andre Felix – Masterderm Clinic – hyperthermia
  • Katharyn Habgood – Thermography vs mammograms



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A collection of tried and tested cancer therapies

“I’ve known Anni for many years now, and i have to say she has always been extremely warm, honest and genuine. When I found out she was diagnosed with Cancer i strangely thought that Cancer had a big fight on it’s hands trying to tackle this little terrier!!! She researched, asked and researched more, searched and found… a collection of tried and tested cancer therapies, new and ancient. Where most people would have given up she just kept going!! If i had cancer she’s the first person i would call and i have personally taken my other beautiful cherished friends to her and it’s cleared confused minds in a maze of wasteful and often useless information.. I will continue to highly recommend her to anyone on this journey. Where we felt hopeless she pointed us down the path of hope. And we’re walking it. Thanks Anni. Keep up your amazing work of guiding, sharing and caring!! You do it brilliantly! “

– Sally Fraser, Gold Coast

Highly recommended

“We have just had a consultation with Anni the information and contacts she provided to us can only come from a person with insider knowledge on cancer. She is positively uplifting and inspirational in her approach. One person to definitely have in your corner when dealing with cancer. A wealth of knowledge and amazing contacts. We cannot thank her enough for her help today , it is immeasurable. Highly recommended.”

– Jane, 26 June 2016

A warm and wonderful woman

“The day that I met Anni was a turn around for me…She is a warrior ! A warm and wonderful woman who is passionate about passing on the information she has gathered through her own personal journey with cancer. Her knowledge is absolutely invaluable…I wish I had met her earlier. She has guided me towards the help that I need and has given me renewed strength to carry on in my journey towards wellness. I cannot say enough about her warm and caring guidance, her astounding knowledge of pathways to consider, and her deep understanding of how to move confidently in your personal dance with disease. If you are facing any sort of health issues I would highly recommend talking to Anni Diamond or attending one of her seminars. You will be as happy as I am that you found her.”

– Sally Del Perugia, Gold Coast

Anni has been a source of great encouragement

“Anni is an amazingly positive lady, with a vast knowledge of treatments available. She inspires confidence, despite the fact that she is also battling a life threatening condition. Thank you Anni for being so loving and willing to share the knowledge you have acquired. I can only say that for me, Anni has been a source of great encouragement to keep on keeping on, with a lot of information that will help with the direction I am taking.”

– Helen H. NSW